Turbo-charge Your Innovation Program
with Predictive People Analytics

> Measure and improve collaboration

> Identify your Leaders, Innovators, Linchpins and Change Agents

> Mobilise them to expand innovation capacity and accelerate execution

A natural tendency for management is to plan and execute strategy around a formal organisational structure.

However, this approach often introduces execution risks (a “lead the horse to water” scenario) because it ignores the informal ‘social networks’ that naturally evolve within organisations, through which knowledge workers tend to share ideas, make decisions, solve problems and get things done.

If an organisational chart is the theory of how work occurs, the informal network is the real world practice.


What is SYNAPP?

SYNAPP (See Your Network-APP) is a cloud-based Organisational Network Analysis tool – developed in the US with Fortune 100 companies – which enables you to plan and execute strategy through the lens of human relationships.

Using data from a 10-minute online employee survey, SYNAPP ‘X-Rays’ your organisation and provides you with unprecedented insight into your people, your organisation, and why it’s performing as it does, through the lens of human relationships.

CSP is the exclusive Australian distributor for SYNAPP.

Ways organisations can use SYNAPP

• Measure and improve collaboration

• Expand innovation capacity and accelerate execution

• Execute and control change more effectively

• Assess the relative performance of individual teams

• Identify leaders and plan succession

• Facilitate effective inter-generational assimilation

• Enhance communication and propagate knowledge

Why management love SYNAPP

• It provides guidance for improving results

• It takes a lot of ‘cultural pressure’ off them

• It helps them design effective formal networks

• It guides collaboration to dissolve ‘silos’

• It informs promoting and succession planning

• It identifies ‘Leaders’, ‘Linchpins’ and ‘Change Agents’ – key people management rely upon

• It identifies talent, redundancy, leadership proxies, and those at risk of leaving

Why staff love SYNAPP

• It coaches them in effective networking

• It measures individual performance relative to the group

• It assesses personal networking style

• It guides career & professional development

• It recommends who people might connect with to achieve career goals

• It assists younger generations to assimilate into the workforce

For more information, visit the SYNAPP website.