How to Systematise an Effective Innovation Program


Launching a successful innovation program is hard:

● Where do you start?
● What approach do you take?
● What do you innovate to support strategy?
● Who do you involve? Internal? External? Both?
● What tools do you use?
● How do you scale up?
● How much time and resources should you invest?
● How long should you wait to see results?

Every innovation program will experience some level of failure – and often outright failure – wasting time, resources, opportunity, and worst of all, damaging morale and engagement.

For this reason, we decided to go with a proven methodology: that of the German automotive industry. Germany has been the most competitive and innovative car maker in the world for over a century. Brands include Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce, Mini Minor.

In 2001, Daimler-Benz spun out their innovation unit to become HYPE Innovation. Since then, HYPE has delivered $billions in benefits for over 200 of the most innovative companies from around the world, including twelve of Germany’s Top 20 companies.

HYPE has evolved the end-to-end innovation lifecycle into something as simple as Facebook, where groups of people can be quickly and cost-effectively harnessed into a powerful strategic innovation resource.


Open versus Closed Innovation

Closed innovation refers to relying upon the knowledge and experience within your organisation. Globalisation has eroded the effectiveness of closed innovation alone to maintain the competitiveness of a business, through factors including:

● Increased mobility of skilled workers
● The socialisation of knowledge
● Expansion of the role of venture capital in innovation
● External options for commercialising unused technologies
● Easier access to highly-capable outsourcing partners

Today, business has to increasingly rely upon Open innovation – tapping into the knowledge and experience of bright individuals outside of their own organisation – in order to remain competitive.

The HYPE platform enables you to tap into mindpower beyond just your own organisation, to include customers, business partners, universities, subject matter experts, specific markets or industry groups – from anywhere in the world.



Advisory and Consulting Support

Rather than just selling you software and leaving you to work out how to innovate yourself, we provide a choice of flexible engagement models to ensure you get the right advisory, consulting and commercialisation management support when you need it.