How to Systematize an Innovative Culture

People are the source of all innovation, which is why there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to innovating.

Innovation is a personal skill that develops with practice, and an organisational process that improves, expands and deepens over time, building an ‘Innovative Culture’.

Each organisation has to define its own unique innovative culture, that works for it, taking into account factors including industry; where the business is at in its lifecycle; leadership; culture; customers; competitors; and shareholders.

There are three parts to an ‘Innovative Culture’:

1. Ask Questions: Having everyone in your innovation ecosystem looking out for changes that add value

2. Take Action: Having the systems and processes in place to capture good ideas and assess their viability

3. Follow Through: Having the governance in place to execute well, track value, and communicate it back to stakeholders

Establishing an Innovative Culture is not a trivial aspiration. In fact, most business and government organizations baulk at innovation because of the perceived costs, disruption, and the risks of damage to brand and morale through failure.

However, with the HYPE innovation management platform, and CSP’s IGO Methodology™ (see below), developing an Innovative Culture is most likely easier, faster and less costly than you imagine.


Open versus Closed Innovation

Closed innovation refers to relying upon the knowledge and experience within your organisation. Globalisation has eroded the effectiveness of closed innovation alone to maintain the competitiveness of a business, through factors including:

● Increased mobility of skilled workers
● The socialisation of knowledge
● Expansion of the role of venture capital in innovation
● External options for commercialising unused technologies
● Easier access to highly-capable outsourcing partners

Today, business has to increasingly rely upon Open innovation – tapping into the knowledge and experience of bright individuals outside of their own organisation – in order to remain competitive.


Depending upon the quality of ideas submitted, generally only a very small percentage of ideas will make it through to projects to be implemented.

Quality of ideas, rather than quantity of ideas, therefore needs to be the focus of the crowdsourcing process.

The HYPE innovation management platform gives you the power to tap into mindpower beyond just your own organisation, to include customers, business partners, universities, subject matter experts, specific markets or industry groups, local and global community groups.

The IGO (Innovation Growth Office) Methodology™

Developing an effective innovative culture cannot be achieved by just applying the right technology.

What’s critical is applying the technology right.

Drawing upon our 26 year heritage of digital innovation leadership, CSP developed the IGO Methodology™, an end-to-end managed innovation solution that integrates the cultural elements, business processes and technology required to consistently and reliably capture great ideas, and bring them to life within your organisation.

Advisory and Consulting Support

Rather than just selling you software and leaving you to work out how to innovate yourself, we provide a choice of flexible engagement models to ensure you get the right advisory, consulting and project management support when you need it.