A workshop for leaders at all levels in your organization designed to provide a basic understanding of the enterprise innovation process and what’s required to innovate effectively for efficiency, growth and sustainability. Delivered on-premises. Customized to your organization.


► Are we innovating reliably, consistently and effectively?

► Are we innovating the right things, aligned to the corporate strategy?

► Are we involving the right stakeholders in our innovation program?

► Do we have an ‘innovative culture’, or a program to get there?

► Are we doing enough with the ideas we have?

► Are we executing our innovations effectively?

► Are we measuring the benefits of our innovations, and reporting back to participants and the board?

Are these sorts of questions being asked among management and staff? Are you able to answer them objectively? Are you able to provide the Board with the information they need to govern the innovation program?

This workshop is about providing leaders at all levels within your organization with the knowledge and tools to design an effective innovation system, implement it throughout the organization, guide staff in constructively participating in the innovation program, and measure and report its effectiveness.


• How the End-to-End Innovation Process Works
• Key Components of an Effective Enterprise Innovation System
• How Innovation Management Technology Works
• How to Use Crowdsourcing to Engage your Stakeholders
• Using Cultural Objectives to Guide Your Innovation Strategy
• How to Design a Balanced, Sustainable Innovation Portfolio
• Innovation Investment Planning and How to Measure ROI
• Key Governance Considerations for Effective Innovation


Senior management and leaders at all levels.


Tim Murray BEng FAICD has spent the past 26 years in digital innovation leadership. He led two industry disruptions, each of which grew from startups Tim founded – one he took through IPO – and grew globally through organic growth and M&A. Read more