Liberty Global is the world’s largest international cable company, with brand names such as Virgin Media, Ziggo, Unitymedia and Telenet, revenues of $18.3 billion, and 27.4 million customers across 14 countries. For a company of this size and breadth, how do you create cross-divisional collaboration and sharing of ideas to help fuel innovation?

Spark, Liberty Global’s innovation initiative, was initially launched in 2011 to source and refine ideas in response to real business challenges by tapping into the collective creativity of employees and partners.

But the initial program soon struck problems: several, very basic innovation platforms were running in isolation in different business units. Participation rates were good and a regular stream of new ideas flowed, but the ideas were not aligned with the company strategy, resulting in a large volume of ideas with no connection to business needs, and no clear ownership which meant that nothing got implemented. A standardized process for handling ideas was also absent, and to complicate matters further, the very basic platforms being used prevented international cooperation and idea sharing.

In 2013, Spark was relaunched using HYPE. In 3 years, 20,000 employees across 14 countries generated 14,000 ideas and implemented 1,000 of these for ROI of €10 million.

In this case study, we look at how Liberty Global has met this challenge with its approach to collaborative innovation, creating a global platform that is tightly aligned with corporate strategy, and generating tangible results.

Download the PDF above, and watch the webinar here: Liberty Global: The Making of an Innovation Program

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