Interserve is one of the world’s leading construction and support services companies with over 80,000 people in 234 offices worldwide, and revenue of £3.3 billion. Steve Dannan, the Innovation Program Director, explains how HYPE helped Interserve fast-track an innovative culture after their own “disastrous” in-house attempt.

Watch the video here: How HYPE Helped Interserve Fast-Track an Innovative Culture

The video was recorded in May 2016. Below is an Executive Summary.



“Our in-house ‘Big Ideas Hunt’ was a disaster. It was an absolute disaster. We are a construction company. We are great at project management, we are great at process, but we are absolutely appalling at innovation. What we did learn from our own attempts is that there is a huge population of Interserve people who have got ingenious and innovative ideas, with no means of being heard. We needed to move ourselves up the food chain to stay afloat, to keep up with developments in our industry, and make sure we are still here in 20 years time.


“Delloitte originally introduced us to a competitor of HYPE’s, which started us looking at ideation tools. We ended up going with HYPE, and really enjoy working with them, not just because of the products they bring, but the knowledge they bring as well. We wanted something very fun and very simple, and we had to use every available type of communications technology to engage with the 60,000 of our 80,000 people who are at the front line and don’t have access to computers.”


“In 2015 we re-ran the ‘Big Ideas Hunt’. Three generic campaigns followed by three targeted campaigns. Much greater engagement, enterprise-wide awareness, 300% more collaboration, much higher quality ideas. We now have a really engaged community, who want to talk back to us. Previously we never had the right channel for them to do that. Changing an organization’s culture doesn’t happen overnight, but HYPE has helped to speed it up. It’s hard to measure ‘culture’, but we’re hearing lots of positive stories and it just feels right now.”

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