An End-to-End “Commercialization as a Service” Offering:

● Innovation Management Software
● Engineering-Grade Project Management
● Commercialization Advisory Services
● Capital

COMMAXSYS™ is a “Commercialization as a Service” (CaaS) offering available to a broad range of customers: inventors, incubators, start-ups, business, government, research institutes and investors.

COMMAXSYS™ uses software from German-based HYPE Innovation to assemble high-caliber teams from anywhere around the world for each stage of the commercialization project, and manage the relationships and collaborations between them to progress opportunities through a lean, milestone-funded, stage gate development process designed to minimise risk and maximise returns for each project’s stakeholders.

COMMAXSYS™ can provide the full suite of services required for the end-to-end commercialization process, or plug any gaps that may exist in the project, through a combination of in-house capabilities and our partner network, including:

● Project Management
● Business Mentoring
● IP Management and Development
● Brand Strategy, Design and Market Positioning
● Product Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Expertise
● Sales and marketing strategies
● Funding Strategies
● Capital Raising
● Legal Counsel

There are four-stages to COMMAXSYS™ as shown in the diagram below:


Whether you’re an inventor, an enabler, or an investor, COMMAXSYS™ can help you achieve the best commercialization outcome in the shortest time:

COMMAXSYS™ for Inventors

COMMAXSYS™ is ‘the inventor’s friend’. Whether you’re a “kid with an idea”, an entrepreneur, research institute, university, business or government agency, we can help you maximize ROIP (return on intellectual property).

COMMAXSYS™ for Enablers

Enablers – a group, organisation, joint venture or SPV with an invention ready to commercialize, or an innovation project ready to be implemented – can engage COMMAXSYS™ to project manage the opportunity and represent their interests throughout the commercialization process.

COMMAXSYS™ for Investors

Investors can engage COMMAXSYS™ to use crowdsourcing to locate opportunities within specific investment guidelines, then project manage the opportunity and represent their interests throughout the commercialization process.