About CSP

We’ve been living and breathing innovation for over a quarter of a century.

As innovators, we know what we’re striving for, and that innovation is a journey, not a destination.

That’s why our Company Mission is a question, not a statement:

How can we help our clients ensure their business is still thriving in 20 years?

The pursuit of this Mission – seeing our customers stay successful – is what drives us. Together with our partners and associates, we work across all industry sectors, with government and with research institutes.

The same core values have guided what we do for a quarter of a century. These values weren’t scripted or planned. After about ten years we just stopped and reflected on how we go about things, and wrote it down:

1. Care for our client’s affairs as if they were our own

2. Build trust through honest and open communication

3. View change as an opportunity for growth and learning

4. Be humble, passionate and persistent in pursuing our Mission

5. Be a force for good in the world

Entrepreneurial at our heart, we are an energetic, fast-moving company that has launched the careers and business ventures of many successful leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our People

Our federated approach to partnering with the best people and firms creates a structure that could be described as “accordion”, expanding and contracting as required for particular engagements, projects, or specific expertise.

Tim Murray

Founder, Managing Director

Tim has spent the past 26 years in digital innovation, leading two industry transformations (infrastructure and healthcare). A Civil Engineer, in 1990 Tim founded Infrastructure Control Services (ICS), a digital innovation consultancy that he took through IPO in 1999 to become ICSGlobal Ltd. Tim was CEO of ICSGlobal until 2010 during which time he founded the Australian “medical banking” clearinghouse called Thelma, and expanded it into UK and US through acquisitions and organic growth. He founded CSP Innovate in 2010. LinkedIn.

Colin Nelson

Director, Enterprise Innovation Consulting,
HYPE Innovation

Colin specializes in the social science that underpins how large or diverse groups collaborate online. He is an expert in the fields of Innovation Management and Collective Intelligence, supporting complex organizations and communities in achieving efficient, effective and sustainable innovation and business change using online tools and processes. Colin is a respected thought leader on Innovation Management and Enterprise Collaboration, publishing numerous articles on the topic. Recent clients include: Airbus, Caltex, Fujitsu, Harley Davidson, Interserve, NASA, Stora Enso, and Veolia. LinkedIn.

Paul Shepherd


Paul has spent more than 12 years in marketing, the last six specialising in online communication & marketing. Paul creates communication strategies around Search Engine Marketing and Social Media that build a competitive advantage by increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. Operationally, Paul provides brand reputation management, consumer sentiment monitoring, strategic marketing planning, business development, campaign performance management and social media management services. LinkedIn

Lisa Tilley

Director, Innovation Strategy Consulting

Lisa has an MBA majoring in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, coupled with a proven 10-year track record in strategic problem solving, business development, change management, CXO advisory/coaching, and business transformation. She has achieved this experience across multiple industries, and multiple functions including sales, engineering, retail and financial services. Lisa takes a customer-centric approach to delivering value, engages effectively with executives, and has an exceptional talent for simplifying their complex problems, and encouraging collaboration. Lisa’s natural flair, passion and enthusiasm for actively engaging stakeholders at all levels in the business, and coordinating activities across multiple functions, helps clients maximise return on their innovation investment. LinkedIn

Max Nimmo

Director, Canberra Office

Max has a Bachelor of Engineering degree (Electrical, Electronics & Communications) which has underpinned an interesting, varied and successful 30+ year career in engineering project management, general management and consulting, spanning a broad range of industries including aeronautics, defence, electronics, IT hardware & software, telecommunications, manufacturing and government. Through strong leadership, attention to detail, and his relaxed, personable approach to managing and developing people, Max has built a reputation for capturing great ideas, and bringing them to life on-time and on-budget in large multi-national and government organisations.

John Catterall

Director, Perth Office

John has put his Bachelor of Science (Maths & IT) and MBA degrees to good use during a 25 year career in ICT services, general management and consulting to large and small organisations across a broad range of industries including energy, utilities, mining, infrastructure, financial services, IT hardware & software, and government. John has deep hands-on experience in the end-to-end digital innovation lifecycle, across strategy, communications, scope management, risk management, business case development, project planning & specification, change management, project management, cost control and project close out.

PJ Collins

Senior Consultant

PJ has worked in digital startups and various other online media businesses since 1996, when he founded his first company, LostSheep Productions. He is a very experienced digital producer, product manager and innovation evangelist – in 2015 PJ designed and led the UNSW-Qantas Innovation Challenge. He is also a big malt whisky fan, filmmaker and weekend coder. PJ is also the founder and leader of the Australian Arts Party, which exists to encourage the cultural and artistic life of every Australian, and support Australia’s vital creative industries.

Noa Erez-Rein

Senior Consultant

Noa has been teaching at the UNSW Australian School of Business for the last 8 years. Prior to this Noa was a management consultant. Noa has a B.A in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Tel-Aviv and M.Sc in Organisational Psychology from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. Noa’s research includes understanding how people make decisions in different organisational settings, such as innovation strategy, international mergers and acquisitions; ethical decision making; and inter-generational issues in the workplace.

Anni Finsterer

Senior Consultant

Anni is an AFI award winning actor with over 25 years of experience as a Professional Dramatist. More recently, Anni has channelled her experience into AnniInc: an interactive and experiential communications company providing change coaching & training, potential realization and inter-generational communications programs to the business community. Her training includes: B.A Performing Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education, Mental Health First Aid, Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practioner, Meta Coaching Certification and Certificate 4 Training & Assessment. Anni’s popular keynote is based on her determination and achievement following two horrific car accidents.

Chris Goddard

Senior Consultant

Chris is an Electrical Engineer with over 30 years experience in the design, construction & management of IT systems, engineering technologies and applications across a broad range of industries including aviation, telecommunications, energy, utilities, manufacturing, mining, printed & digital media, food & beverage. Chris has deep hands-on experience in the end-to-end innovation lifecycle, from strategy & challenge definition, communications, scope management, risk management, business case development, project planning & specification, change management, project management, cost control and project close out.

Kirby Grattan

Senior Consultant

Kirby has over 20 years of global experience in business and HR leadership, having lived and worked in Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. Kirby’s career has spanned financial services, manufacturing, FMCG, food & beverage, engineering, information technology, and telecommunications. Kirby has a proven track record in organisational and talent transformation, and helps CSP clients with the talent and culture aspects of innovation-driven change.

John Hanna

Senior Consultant

Entrepreneurial in nature, John has developed exceptional business & technology leadership skills through a 25 year career in driving transformational change & business process enablement in multi-brand and multi-channel environments across industries including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, dairy, property and financial services. John applies this experience to help organisations develop their innovative vision and define the journey to ensure that pragmatic innovations are identified, owned, developed and successfully executed.

Kylie McGavin

Senior Consultant

Kylie has university qualifications in Commerce, HR, and Executive and Organisational Coaching. Over 15 years, Kylie has been assisting a broad range of multi-national corporations in industries including retail, banking & finance, petrochemical, transport & logistics, information & communications technology – to select and implement practical, commercially-focused, HR information systems and organisational processes. Kylie has strong leadership skills, sound business acumen, and exceptional relationship building and influencing skills and supports clients in the areas of organisational development, leadership development, change management, program facilitation and project management.

Gerard McMullan

Senior Consultant

Gerard specialises in Strategy Execution, and an expert in re-engineering, re-energising and re-invigorating global organisations enterprise-wide. This capability is based in his executive experience with multinational corporations, providing extensive understanding of all areas of organisations, notably Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations. Gerard has a proven and remarkable ability to translate change and improvement into improved bottom line performance.

Ken Patteson

Senior Consultant

Ken is Chairman of The Brooklyn Institute, and specialises in Talent Management and Executive Recruitment. Once international vice-president for Hertz, Ken is a master of developing, coaching and mentoring the most senior executives and board members. Ken evaluates how well your top teams will perform and who will deliver outstanding results. Few match his people skills and ability to inspire performance improvement.

Dr David Paul

Senior Consultant

David specialises in the areas of complex large-scale organisational improvement and change, Eupsychian Leadership and relational psychological frameworks. David has deep experience consulting and advising C-level, Director-Generals, Ministers and Heads of State. He teaches Executive MBA programs around the world and has presented many peer reviewed papers at academic and professional conferences internationally.

Inna Pekar

Senior Consultant

Since completing a B.Sc. in Computer Science in Ukraine, Inna has build a 20-year global career in web-based business information systems design, project management, development, testing and deployment, spanning industries including telecommunications, utilities, infrastructure, transport & logistics, healthcare, emergency services, geospatial and finance. Inna’s has broad experience has provided her with the pragmatism to work with people at any level in an organisation, to gain an understanding of what the business needs, and then manage the end-to-end process of delivering agile, robust, cost-effective solutions using the latest and best fit-for-purpose technologies.

Buck Samrai

Senior Consultant

Buck is principal of Accounting Leverage Business Consultants and has a 35 year track record of managing and growing well known and respected Australian and International public and private corporations, across a wide range of industries in the Asia-Pacific Area. Buck’s value in supporting senior leadership teams stems from the diversity of senior roles he has held throughout his career – CEO, CFO, COO, General Management and Line Management. Buck has a warm, personable approach and loves to roll his sleeves up and work with, and develop, front line staff. Buck lectures in Business Analysis and Valuation at the Australian School of Business (UNSW).