Nokia is the world’s largest provider of telecommunications technology, with more than 114,000 employees
and over €23 billion in revenue (2015). A truly global company, their workforce is comprised of 160 nationalities, working in more than 100 countries. 40,000 of these people are dedicated innovators, with an R&D budget of €4.5B to shape the technologies at the heart of our connected world, and transform the human experience.

Over the past decade, Fabian Schlage, Innovation Manager at Nokia, has built a powerful innovation management ecosystem for the company, backed by HYPE’s innovation platform. Including efficient processes, tools, and proven methods, it is designed to industrialize innovation management, i.e., to standardize processes, routines and culture, and thus to make innovation success repeatable.

Today, the innovation team at Nokia is connected throughout the entire company. They maintain a network of 120 innovation managers who in turn reach out to 300 so-called “sub-funnel experts”, who support the innovation program with their expert knowledge on specific business areas.

In this case study, we look at some key elements of innovation management at Nokia and how it grew from a single department into an innovation ecosystem that has generated over €2 billion in new revenue.

Download the PDF above and watch the webinar here: Nokia: Building an Innovation Ecosystem

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