Imagine if you could systematize your success.

You can. We can help you do it.

CSP provides systematized innovation solutions – customized to your organizational structure, culture and strategy – and supports you in operating it to systematically achieve your strategic objectives.

Our partnership with HYPE Innovation means your organization can benefit from the same innovation systems and processes that underpin the success of the German automotive industry – the most competitive and innovative in the world for over a century. Spun out of Daimler-Benz in 2003, HYPE has delivered $billions in benefits for over 200 organizations worldwide, across all industries.

Our systematized innovation solutions are fun and simple to use (easier than Facebook), and through ‘learning-by-doing’, your people quickly ‘get’ what innovation is about.

This is the foundation of your organization’s innovative culture.

Our IGO Methodology draws upon CSP’s 26 year heritage of digital innovation leadership, to embed innovation into your organization’s DNA, and maximize your return on innovation investment (ROII).

COMMAXSYS, our commercialization accelerator system, uses HYPE to bring together project-specific teams of inventors, industry and investors from anywhere in the world to collaboratively fast-track inventions or start-ups through a lean, stage-gate development process and into commercialization.

If you would like to learn more about systematizing your organization’s success, please contact us.